TRY! Residency at Nenagh Arts Centre

I was awarded a residency at Nenagh Arts Centre in May 2017 through Tipperary Dance Platform. Now in it’s 9th year, the residencies are made available through an open-call. , Sarah Bostoen (Bel) and Luke Murphy (IE) were also awarded residencies this year. Tipperary Dance Platform is an initiative led by ALEXANDRE ISELI & JAZMIN CHIODI  of Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company. Since 2008 they are artists in Residence at Tipperary Dance Residency. Since 2010, they also founded and organised Tipperary Dance Platform.

The Arts Centre is a good environment to work in. The space is large and bright. It’s good to get away from the city and have time to work alone.  I have used my time to create and develop movement material for my new solo work Thirteen Steps to the Attic.

Thanks to TPD and to Nenagh Arts Centre!