Movement Workshop

PRESENT YOURSELF HERE is a technical, creative and playful workshop in movment and choreography. It’s drawn from my contemporary dance training, performance work, teaching practice and experiences working with diverse groups of people with varying levels of ability. The workshop begins with exercises to develop awareness and articulate the connections of the body before building spatially and in intensity. The workshop is suitable for dancers, theatre practitioners, directors and anyone with an interest in the expressive, moving body. Some experience necessary.
Be present,
be yourself,
be here.
Let’s begin….

PRESENT YOURSELF HERE is a two hour workshop and can be adapted into a one hour session. The workshop is suitable for schools, colleges, university settings, independent groups and festivals. Michelle Cahill is fully insured.


  • Minimum of 8 participants
  • Large bright room with clean wooden / marley floor
  • Power supply.
  • Teacher / Youth Leader present, if workshop takes place in an educational setting.