Rowan Tolley Company

TURF | rowan tolley company | Produced by Michelle Cahill 

One day, one man, one bog
An gcloisean tú an ciúnas

TURF takes an audience on a visual and emotional journey, where the narrative resonates with echoes of tradition and reality. Situated somewhere deep within the Irish soul, it tells the story of one life but many selves.

Performed by Frank Farrell. Directed by Rowan Tolley. TURF searches for the truth in a hidden landscape. Sculpture, Installation, Performance, it explores not how to hold the TURF but how the TURF takes a hold of you. At the mercy of nature, the block waits to cut, to spread, to foot, when it moves it lives.

“Frank Farell’s agility at character transformation is mesmeric.  He draws us into the very essence of our unshakable national obsession with earth –  and we are left hypnotised by the turf.” Valerie Bistany, director of the Irish Writers Centre

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