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Michelle Cahill Talks and Presentations

January 28, 2016 – Dance Talks Making Art Work, with and for the Community at DanceHouse, organised by Dance Ireland. Michelle Cahill & Jazmin Chiodi.

Jazmin Chiodi and Michelle Cahill were invited to speak at this talk based on their extensive working relationship with this topic. Jazmin has been firmly rooted in the community of Tipperary Town for eight years as a Dance Artist in Residence with fellow dance artist, Alexandre Iseli. Michelle has extensive experience working on specific commissioned projects, where a particular need among a segment of a community has been identified. This work has taken her across and around the country and she describes herself as being ‘helicoptered in’ to facilitate these projects as they arise. These respective ‘ground-up’ and ‘top-down’ approaches to working with a community are recognisably different, but the objectives of each are similar. Over the course of their conversation between themselves and the audience in attendance, they teased out common practical issues, difficulties, motivating factors and desires for the future.

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