Stepping IN | Stepping OUT


A commission under the Per Cent for Arts Scheme by Tullamore Town Council in 2012 with support from Offaly Arts Office. The commission sought artistic engagement with professional artists in dance, drama and visual arts. Commissioned artists worked with young people in a new housing estate in Tullamore. Michelle Cahill led this exciting, creative and exploratory dance project. She worked with champion Hip-Hop dancer Charlie Dando (USA).  Together, they co-facilitated dance classes and performance workshops that led to a presentation for family, friends and members of the Town Council. The project was supported by choreographer Nick Bryson of Legitimate Bodies Dance Company who acted as project mentor.

On completion of the project, I created a short documentary Stepping In / Stepping Out. This short-film was directed and edited by Gary Hoctor at award-winning Hello Camera . In April 2013, the film was screened as part of the Five Lamps Arts Festival, at Cineworld, Dublin.