I was invited to speak at  the first of a series of Dance Talks at DanceHouse, hosted by Dance Ireland. Joining me on the panel were Jazmin Chiodi and Alex Iseli (Iseli-Chiodi Company) where were were addressing the topic: MAKING ART WORK- WITH AND FOR THE COMMUNITY.  Jazmin spoke from her experiences of being firmly rooted in a community as Tipperary Dance Artist in Residence, while I spoke as a practitioner primarily ‘helicoptered in’ for various artistic projects with communities and groups she may have no prior connection to.

Key areas for discussion included:

How can a cultural project in regional areas can be considered as part of a national policy that defends accessibility to arts?

The potential and power of cultural projects developed in rural areas.

The battle of measurement; the challenge of reporting intrinsic values.

How to promote and maintain the importance of process, when external people to the process are concerned mostly with the product.

The irony of loneliness as an issue for the artist in working in a setting where togetherness is the aim for the participants of the project.

The FULL SCHEDULE of talks is currently listed on the Dance Ireland website. Or click on the link below:

Michelle Cahill