Michelle Cahill Producer / Performer

Thirteen Steps to the Attic @ Galway Theatre Festival

Thirteen Steps to the Attic at Galway Theatre Festival! I'm delighted to announce that Thirteen Steps to the Attic has been programmed as part of the 10th Anniversary Galway Theatre Festival in May. Thirteen Steps to the Attic is a multi layered montage of movement and text directed by Rowan Tolley (Rowan Tolley Company).  Set to a live sound score and recorded tracks…Read more Thirteen Steps to the Attic @ Galway Theatre Festival

TSTTA Phase 1

November 2017 Thirteen Steps to the Attic... Just over two weeks ago I set off for a fourteen day residency at Shawbrook, Longford. Set in the Irish midlands, increasingly in recent years, Shawbrook has provided subsidised residencies as part of their annual programme. Performance makers and choreographers at different stages of their careers and practice…Read more TSTTA Phase 1