Michelle Cahill – Producer

The culmination of Cathy Coughlan’s residency at RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre. The magnificent Gallery 1 acted as a pop up ‘digital theatre’ space for three days in June 2016. Artists from a variety of backgrounds were invited to collaborate with Dance Artist in Residence Cathy Coughlan and Havoc Dance Company, to present a series of new multidisciplinary works. Oil and Water created an opportunity for the expansion of live performance through digital media allowing the dancers, to fully investigate the concepts and themes within their work.

Oil & Water do not mix – they are described as immiscible, contrasting textures, conflicting ideologies. However these substances move around each other, without contamination or compromise, one assisting the other to rise, both eventually settling back in their place of comfort.

Oil & Water collaborators included

Jessie Keenan & Jane McCormick Still  Film and installation
Magda Hylak Traces to Nowhere 
Ailish Claffey Between Spirit & Skin
Mateusz Szczerek & The Human Collective

Photography: Joseph Carr